Ways to Keep Your Body Strong

Good looks, great health, charming personality, well-toned and shaped body with no traces of flab. DREAM? All this could be achieved by putting in a smart effort to build and shape your muscles. YES! Muscles are those precious stones of our body which when carved and shaped give us the most desired chiseled look. With the motive of helping you all the beautiful people out there, I am here with few muscle building tips. There are many factors that help us in becoming the owners of strong and toned muscles. I will be listing down some of the factors along with a few tips.

1. DIET – The foods we put in our body play a significant role in developing the muscle mass. Muscles are primarily made up of proteins. So, the first step that we have to take care of is to provide raw material to our body build up the muscle mass. There are many foods with good amount of protein content.

– Chicken breast

– Fish

– Eggs

– Milk

– Soya products

– Cottage cheese

We would like to avoid meats which have high amounts of fats in them like beef and pork. You can consider adding protein powders in your diet but I would like to recommend to go organic and natural as much as possible

CALCIUM: This is an important mineral for our bones and muscles. It strengthens the bones and plays a vital role in muscular contractions and relaxations. This helps in improving the ability to work out efficiently.Sources of calcium are-

– Kidney beans

– Dairy products ( Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Buttermilk)

– Calcium Supplements

Complement these foods with lots of salads and fruits. Drink lots of fluids with electrolytes.

2. EXERCISE – This is the ‘Work Hard’ part of the muscle game. Exercising is inevitable when it comes to build the muscles. I would like to make following recommendations in this section.

-Do not over do ‘cardio’ exercises. We do not want to burn up the nutrients and loose the body weight.- Do weight lifting exercises. This helps in assimilation of nutrients into building up the muscle mass rather than being burned for no good.

– Do resistance providing exercises. This push your muscles to do over their ability.

– Focus on specific set of muscle at a time. For example, take up Biceps, Triceps and Trapezius at one time.

– Do two more repeats after you have reached your threshold of working out. This is where you are going to reap the fruits from.

3. REST- As the Golden Rule says ‘ Do not overdo the things’. This applies here as well. Give your body enough rest. We do not want to get fatigued and give up. Taking rest is very important, as during this period of time muscles metabolize the most of the nutrients provided to them.It is OK to skip a day from doing work-out. Some of the days you can get away with light exercises giving your body enough time to heal and rejuvenate.

I hope these muscle building tips will help you to the best. Just be consistent, keep patience and work smart. Happy Muscle Building friends.