Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

Now that 2008 is in the books, it would certainly interest check out the trends and stats in plastic surgery and see what has actually altered … or what coincides. Sadly, we will certainly have to wait until the summer season when the studies and statistics for in 2014 are readily available.

Nonetheless, the numbers from 2007 have been in because last summer and an evaluation of these as well as the impact from the financial downturn in the UNITED STATE can produce some predictions as to what occurred in plastic surgery in 2008.

According to the 2007 statistics on cosmetic plastic surgery from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, approximately 12 million cosmetic medical as well as non-surgical treatments were carried out in the UNITED STATE with expenditures of over $13 billion. I believe we will see in 2008 that these numbers are about the same and also possibly even down a little bit.

The last quarter of the year saw a significant decreasing of clients undertaking procedures although this may have been solidified by the top of the ‘vacation cosmetic season’ when lots of cosmetic surgeons publish their highest possible monthly standards in December because of being off job and those patients having procedures might have currently conserved or allocated them at that point. While 2007 saw an 8% increase in treatments contrasted to 2006, 2008 will likely show zero development.

Cosmetic surgery represented 2/3rds ($ 8 billion) of the expenditures contrasted to non-surgical procedures (e.g., Botox) yet these dollar numbers highly alter the number of treatments done. Since each surgery costs considering greater than any non-surgical procedure (frequently 10 – 20 times extra), cosmetic surgeries pale in comparison to non-surgical procedures in terms of numbers, approximately 1.5 million (surgery) to over 10 million (non-surgery) treatments.

This significant fad of increasing non-surgical procedures will likely remain to be seen from 2008, standing for by far the biggest growth area of aesthetic treatments. For more information on cosmetic surgery, you can look here.

The leading five surgical procedures in 2007 were liposuction surgery, breast enhancement, eyelid surgical treatment (blepharoplasty), abdominoplasty (abdominoplasty), and also bust decrease. (although breast reduction need to truly be thought about a reconstructive cosmetic surgery procedure as the vast bulk are paid for by health insurance) Facelift or rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty) should truly displace breast reduction from this list.

The leading five non-surgical procedures in 2007 were Botox, injectable fillers, laser hair elimination, microdermabrasion, and also light and also laser therapies. The appeal of these medical as well as non-surgical procedures in 2008 will not transform and the kinds as well as order of appeal should not transform.

Ladies still represent the substantial majority (91%) of cosmetic patients in 2007 and should remain around the very same number, making decreasing to 90% in 2008. While it is true that even more males than ever before are having cosmetic procedures, calling it as following suit, is a little bit overstated. In 2007 men having cosmetic procedures, specifically non-surgical, raised substantially. (up 20%).

However I would certainly bet that a big amount of this boost was for one non-surgical cosmetic treatment just … laser hair removal. Most likely to any kind of facility that has a high quantity laser hair elimination service and you will certainly locate that almost fifty percent of their people are men … for back hair elimination. This procedure represent much of the male cosmetic treatment pattern. In 2008 this upward male fad for aesthetic procedures will likely proceed, mostly in the non-surgical treatments.

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