Privacy Policy

When you visit our site you are our guest, your privacy is a major concern for us.

We are adamant that your privacy should be protected. When we obtain information about you, it is used to improve the services you receive from us. Your privacy and your information’s confidentiality are non-negotiable.

Please read this Privacy Policy in full.

Firstly – all information received from our customers is kept in a secure server, using end-to-end encryption software, to ensure all information is protected from abuse. All data collected from customers is safely stored, where it is inaccessible to unauthorized access or usage. No credit card information is stored on our systems.

Information we receive from you and that we may store, may include your contact details(name, surname, phone details, postal address and email address). In addition, we may store information you provided by offering your comments or feedback, through taking part in competitions or surveys, when you amend and save specific content preferences like subscriptions, and when you communicate with our sales team and open a ticket through our support dept.

When we use information received from you, it is done in order to suggest personalized marketing offers, to send you important news and messages about our network, its security and new developments in its operation. You will only receive newsletters from us if you had subscribed to these publications and agreed to receive them. You can also unsubscribe from these publications at any time.

We do not use your personal profile (or that of your business or organization) for any other purpose, and details may be passed on to a third party only when we are required by law to do so, or if required through the process of transacting a purchase that you have made through us.

Because we respect our visitors’ privacy, we will act to the best of our ability to protect your personal data and will not knowingly pass it on to another party.

We highly recommend that you check this Privacy Policy from time to time, as it may change in accordance with legal practices or business requirements.

You are encouraged to contact us anytime with questions or concerns related to this privacy policy and inquire about the way your personal information is used, and we will respond as soon as possible.