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How Yoga Helps To Burn Fat

I had always viewed yoga as a waste of time, I couldn’t see the reason why people did it. Stretching out on a mat for a few hours didn’t seem like the type of thing i wanted to waste my time on. That was until a friend of mine gave me the one on one course on all things yoga and after trying it for a few months, now am just in love with it.

I have to admit that when I started my interest was linear, shape up my body and kill some unwanted fat. I had previously tried all those supplements sold online and none of them worked for me so yoga was my final approach.

Today I want to share with you on how yoga can help you lose weight. Before you can approach this strategy you need to understand that yoga is an art, and as an art it needs to be nurtured to perfection. Don’t be in a hurry for results and be patient enough to see it work. Most people fail because they only try something a couple of times and if it doesn’t work they move on to the next thing. Yoga requires hard work and determination, with these two aspects you are guaranteed results.


First, it’s important to understand that yoga helps in the correlation of mind, body and soul. It is very difficult to find someone who can make these three synchronize within himself. As a people we are meant to understand these three things and once you do, you will find more peace and relaxation through healthy living.

The science is basic, yoga reduces the levels if stress hormones in your body and who doesn’t want that? In addition it increases the sensitivity of insulin. This means that your body will start burning those fats so fast for fuel instead of trashing them in your waistline and hips. That’s the reason why people get all sweaty after yoga. Your body will start burning fats so fast you won’t be able to keep up.

The next obvious question would be; for how long would you have to practice before seeing changes? I could tell you that but instead I will ask you this, why stop? Yoga is a way of keeping your body young and stress free. It is something that you would want to do well into your fifties because so long as you stick to the routine, it will never let you down.


The best thing about this approach is you only need a yoga mat and a trainer or a documented routine you can follow. The moves can be tricky but with practice you can do it all on your own. Thanks to the internet, you can get beginner courses online where you can learn the poses and train yourself. Make sure that you do yoga at least three times a week and you should be seeing changes in no time.