How to get in shape without suffering in two months

How to start training and not give up trying? How many times have we repeated to ourselves.

Keys to getting in shape

The first thing we must bear in mind is the way we feed ourselves. The concept of diet is erroneous, since food is the basis of the functioning of our organism. It is not about feeding the stomach, but about nourishing our organs, skin, hair and even our state of mind. In the world of fitness there are many diets, as each one seeks to meet different objectives. Here we will talk about how to achieve these goals (whatever they may be), to have a conscious diet and not to abandon your goals.

Fulfill objectives

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, you can’t set yourself challenges and impossible goals. Be clear and honest with yourself and set goals that you can easily reach in the beginning. Once you have met the first challenge, be more demanding with your second goal and so on, until you reach the desired goal. You will see that in this way it will be easier for you and the possibility of getting frustrated or giving up will disappear.

You have to be aware that we are not only working on the body, but also your psychological capacity, one of the key pieces for every project to be fulfilled. The idea of abandoning can haunt your head on more occasions than we would like and therefore, there is the figure of the personal trainer. The motivation and accompaniment of this professional will be key in those moments.

Conscious eating

Something that many are not aware of is the importance of proper nutrition to achieve the objectives we pursue. Without it, the routine of training that we do will not be of much help to us or will remain a little half-hearted. Food is key when it comes to training, as it will give us energy and vitality to face any kind of activity, both sports and daily.

Eliminate the word diet from your vocabulary and replace it with “healthy lifestyle” or “conscious eating”. Stop planning a day to start the diet and start making small changes in your daily eating habits.

What if we give you some ideas to start implementing those changes? Replace white bread with rye or cereal bread, pasta with buckwheat or quinoa, wheat flour with whole oats or chickpeas. These examples only represent a small part of the many options you have to make your recipes, salty and sweet. Remember that the benefits of a healthy life will not only affect your figure, but also your health, which is much more important to you.

Don’t give up on your goals

Not everyone has the predisposition, willpower and ability to go to the gym every day. Some of us need a little push either from our partner, friend or personal trainer. We must look for which of the different options among those offered by the gyms (sports spaces and personal trainers) are the most appropriate or attractive for us.

There are those who move to the rhythm of music, those who need the motivational screams of an instructor of directed activities, and those who rush for free weights and machines. Others are lovers of open spaces where to breathe fresh air. Find out which of the multiple options motivates you the most and make it one of your daily escape routes. Don’t make sport an obligation, because it is the direct path to failure and abandonment.

When we exercise the body releases a series of hormones (endorphins, dopamine and serotonin) better known as “happiness hormones”.

To train the force has become a capacity with greater protagonism within the training. Even for endurance sports such as running, cycling or trail running. An abdominal bench is a fitness device that should not be missing in any home of those who train with intensity. In this post we show you an exercise guide to train on a bench of abs.

Trunk lifts: this exercise will take advantage of the slight inclination of the bench. Place the ankles on the foam supports, and the trunk should be outside the backrest.

Place your hands on the nape of your neck, and lower your head until your body is parallel to the floor. Then raise the trunk again until it is perpendicular to the ground.

Elevations of the trunk on the floor: this time we put the feet and cufflinks in the backrest. The trunk must touch the ground. With our hands on the nape of our necks, we begin to raise the trunk, trying to bring the chin towards the knees (without touching). Then return to the initial position.