Healthy Living: Habits for life

Nowadays, health is more present in the daily life of all of us, and more and more people are concerned about adopting a healthier lifestyle. To do this, you must bet on health habits and make them your own, how? Little by little and one by one. If you want to know more, read on!

Follow a healthy lifestyle

The habits that accompany us in our daily lives are determining factors of our lifestyle and, therefore, of our health. While it is true that adopting good habits is easier from infancy, it is also possible in adulthood, but what are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle? Our health is determined by a number of genetic and environmental factors. The latter, in a general way, can be modified, that is to say, they are the ones that we can work during our day to day to take care of our body and to maintain health.

Set of habits that determine our lifestyle
What are the external factors that we can work to improve our lifestyle? Our diet, the practice of physical exercise, rest, our relationship with the people around us, enjoy free time and avoid unhealthy toxics, for example. Let’s look at them in more depth!

Food. Following a varied, balanced and sufficient diet is essential to cover the supply of nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body. What does it mean that a varied, balanced and sufficient diet?

Varied: a varied diet is one that, within each food group, a different one is chosen for each meal. Is it true that we vary between pasta, rice, potato… well, the same with the rest of the groups! The way food is cooked also helps to vary the preparations. In this way, we avoid monotonous and boring menus, making it easier to adhere to the diet.
Balanced: a diet is balanced when it provides all the nutrients necessary for the body to perform all functions properly. For this, it is essential to include foods from all groups, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meats, fish, eggs and legumes, cereals such as pasta or rice, etc., and distribute them throughout the day.

Enough: food provides energy so that day after day we can do all the activities we consider. A sufficient diet will help to provide the necessary calories (energy), without remaining hungry, but without passing, contributing to maintain a healthy weight.

In addition to food, it is important to make a good intake of liquids, especially in the form of water, which can be supplemented with other healthy beverages such as teas or infusions, broths and fruit juices or natural smoothies.

Physical activity. An active lifestyle, away from sedentarism, has a number of benefits for our body, both physically and psychologically and health.

Nights are known as the repairing moment of the body, so assuring a good rest is fundamental for our health. It is recommended to sleep around 8 hours a day, in order to wake up with a clear mind and a rested body, and with the batteries charged to face the day with vitality.

Enjoying the company of family and friends, and different moments to disconnect from the daily routine is very beneficial and necessary to revitalize day by day.

Avoid unhealthy habits. Tobacco and alcohol are unhealthy habits for the body, as they can damage our health. Therefore, avoiding these toxins becomes a major healthy habit.

How can I change my habits for healthier ones?

The habits that accompany us in our daily lives are deeply rooted in our way of being, so changing them can be complicated in adulthood, but this does not mean that it is not possible, far from it! Here are three keys to changing our lifestyles successfully:

Set realistic goals. For example, if we are not very active people, we should not propose an advanced spinning session on our first day. What would we do? Suggest a training session in which we gradually increase the time and intensity of the exercise.

Focus on concrete actions. Changing all our habits at once will be very complicated, so it is recommended to change them little by little, starting with one and, once internalized and rooted in our day to day, go for another.

Planning As in everything, good planning is the basis of success. If you start by modifying your eating habits, planning a weekly menu and shopping based on it will help you avoid buying less healthy foods.